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Annamaria Cammilli

Annamaria Cammilli

Florentine house Annamaria Cammilli not for the first year pleases its clients with products from gold, platinum, precious stones. It's worth to look at any of his works, and the popularity of the brand will be clear.

The road to success

The history of the brand began 30 years ago when Annamaria Cammilli, the founder of the brand, launched her first collection. Her success turned out to be logical, because she was not only a talented businesswoman, but she also combined the abilities of an artist and a designer. As a result, the lines presented were characterized by creativity and sensual reinterpretation of already familiar forms.

Not the least role in the history of triumph played the famous jeweler Agostino Renai, who in the 70s of the last century studied jewelry craftsmanship in Florence. The skills he acquired during his studies at the Ponte Vecchio, the cradle of jewelry-making there, were reflected in the design of exquisite pieces.

Features of the brand

Now the creations of Annamaria Cammilli can be found in many expensive boutiques wishing to present truly unique jewelry to customers. The creators find motifs in nature itself, inspired by its eternal beauty. Gold and diamond masterpieces combine unusual colors. Beige and bright yellow, apricot and soft orange, pink and shades of champagne are used in bold collections. The special alloys used to create them have become a worthy frame for magnificent diamonds.

Annamaria's descendants, Raffaella and Riccardo, were able to explore new horizons by taking over the company's business. The pieces created under their guidance seem to be drawn in precious metals, combining elegance, refinement, and style. Usually the masters use 6 shades and 6 alloys, and each thing remains unique and at the same time easily recognizable.

Among Annamaria Cammilli collections even the fastidious clients will find jewelry to their liking. Essential, Flowers, Vision and Color Stones lines please with the variety of design solutions that turn products into little masterpieces.