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French jewelry house Chaumet is one of the oldest famous jewelry brands.

History of Chaumet brand

The history of the company began as long ago as 1789, when young Marie-Etienne Nito, after a long apprenticeship with the renowned jeweler Auber, decided to open his own workshop.

His studio attracted the attention of the French nobility, and very soon Niteau became Napoleon's personal jeweler. The jeweler created many fine pieces for the emperor, including a consular sword, a crown, and a diadem.

He made customized jewelry for Napoleon, as well as for his wives and children.

After Nito's death, the company passed into the hands of his son. But at the time of the Revolution it was decided to sell the jewelry workshop. The buyer was Jean-Baptiste Fossenoux.

After different peripeteias in October 1999, the brand was bought by the multinational corporation LVHM-group.

Chaumet collections.

During its long activity, the company has created many different collections, but they are all united by the style of the firm.

Among the famous collections of the brand:

  • Josephine;
  • Joséphine Aigrette;
  • Le Grand Frisson;
  • Le Jardin des Délices;
  • La Nature;
  • Hortensia;
  • Liens;
  • and others.

The uniqueness of the brand.

The jewelry is made according to the best French jewelry traditions. Only quality precious metals and stones are used in products. Discreet and harmoniously matched colors are selected in items. Fine jewelry work is amazing with its grace.

Chaumet jewelry has distinctive motifs of ears, laurel leaves and hydrangea flowers. Many articles are devoted to fauna. But they all have romantic and slightly playful style.

The company's jewelers not only support the old traditions of the house, but also greatly enriched them by adding new motives to the items.

Thanks to the computer technology the masters continued the tradition of bracelets-acrostics and created their own alphabet, using the names of 26 precious stones by analogy with the Latin alphabet. The first letters of the names of stones encrypt names in jewelry, and using gold to create bracelets, Roman numerals are obtained, with which any date can be ciphered in the products.

Secret messages that were invented by Marie-Etienne Nitaux today are also used by masters in products of Chaumet brand.


The Chaumet jewelry house has a number of awards.

The most important for the brand are those that were received by Joseph Chaumet. So in 1900 at the World exhibition the brand was awarded a gold medal, in 1904 it was awarded the Grand Prix de Saint Louis, and in 1905 in Liege and in 1906 in Milan - the Order of St. Anna of the Russian Empire.

The sophistication and elegance of the jewelry were beloved by many famous women. Among the admirers of the brand are Ornella Muti, Carla Bruni and Sophie Marceau.