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Chopard Company is world-famous for its precise and innovative mechanical watches.

Chopard Company Brief History

Chopard Company was founded in 1860 in the small Swiss town of Sonvilier by a young 24-year-old boy Louis-Ulysses Chopard. This small company was focused on the creation of precision mechanical watches and timepieces.

Thanks to its precision and quality products, the company signed up its first large orders.

In 1912, Russian Emperor Nicholas II appreciated the products of the Chopard Company.

In the 1960s, Paul-André Chopard, a descendant of Louis-Ulysses, decided to sell the company, because his children had absolutely no interest in producing watches. Karl Scheufele, the owner of the German company "Eszeha", purchased the company in 1963. At the same time, Paul-André Chopard himself worked in the company until his death.

Karl Scheufele was determined not only to preserve the high quality standards and traditions established in the purchased company, but also to strengthen and develop it into an internationally famous company.

He definitely managed to do it. At the time of the purchase of the company, it employed only 12 people. Though, nowadays it is a huge company with approximately 720 employees.

Uniqueness of Company Products

The main goal of Chopard Company is to create high quality, precise, reliable and stylish mechanical watches. However, Karl Scheufele and his children turned their attention to the production of jewelry.

Since then, the company has been creating and producing not only high-quality mechanical watches made like real jewelry masterpieces, but other jewelry as well - necklaces, earrings, bracelets, breastpins and rings. In such a short period of time, the company has acquired its own recognizable style, both in watches and in jewelry.

Famous collections of Chopard Company products:

  • L.U.C. 1860;
  • Happy Diamonds;
  • St. Moritz;
  • Luna D’Oro;
  • Ice Cube;
  • Happy Sport;
  • Imperiale;
  • Red Carpet.

In 1998 Caroline Scheufele created a new design of the Palme d'Or statuette. Since that moment the company became an official partner of the Cannes Film Festival. Nowadays Chopard Company produces all the awards for the festival every year.

Awards and Prizes

Over the years, Chopard Company has received many awards.

Thus, in 1997, the men's watch "L.U.C. 1860" won the prestigious "Watch of the Year" prize.

Another award, "Golden Clock Hand" was received in 2017 in Geneva for the "Chopard LUC Full Strike" minute repeater, which was recognized as the watch of the year.

At present, Chopard Company continues the development of its watch range by creating precise, sophisticated and reliable mechanical watches. At the same time this company actively develops the direction of jewelry production.