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Reuge Collection: Dancing Wedding Couple Reference: RXA222322002

Reuge Dancing Wedding Couple Casket RXA222322002

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Music box from the Dancing Wedding Couple collection

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Music box from the Dancing Wedding Couple collection

  • Jewelry box in Burr Elm, gloss finished
  • with dancing or wedding couple
  • One cylinder; 1 melody
  • REUGE 22-note keyboard
  • Manufacture movement (CH 1.22) produced and assembled by hand in our workshops in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland.
  • Golden cylinder molded or with raised pins ; 17-note keyboard.
  • Manual and individual tuning of comb according to the melody.
  • One tune of about 25 seconds.
  • 9-minute power reserve.
  • Delivery Time: 3-6 months
  • Melodies - 2241 – Canon, 2271 – Wedding March

Win his or her heart forever. This music box mirrors the dream of the perfect wedding night dance. It is the most enchanting engagement gift you can find – or simply a way to say “I Love You”.