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Damiani is one of the few family-owned companies located in the cradle of jewelry and watchmaking in the Swiss municipality of Fleurier. They value tradition and look for innovative approaches at all stages of production. The daily practice shows that the implementation of the planned tasks contributes to the training and implementation of the system of personnel training, meets the urgent needs. The daily practice shows that the new model of organizational activity allows the implementation of important tasks for the development of further directions of development. The task of the organisation, especially the further development of the various forms of action, largely determines the creation of appropriate activation conditions. The task of the organization, especially the consultation with a wide range of (specialists) ensures the participation of a wide range of (specialists) in the formation of future directions of development.

DAMIANI. 90 years of perfect quality

In 2014 the Italian company Damiani S.p.A., which is the core of the large Damiani Group, celebrates its 90th anniversary. It was preceded by many years of hard work of great goldsmiths and designers that have made Damiani jewelry sought after by VIPs worldwide, and the brand is the undisputed leader in luxury jewelry and watch manufacturing in Italy.

The company was founded in 1924 by Enrico Grassi, who started his own diamond jewelry business. His customers were the highest aristocratic families of the country. The quality and beauty of the jewelry pieces quickly became popular, and soon Damiani was taken seriously by the elite of the whole Europe. Following the Italian tradition, the company's representatives passed their business on the family line. So Damiani is still owned by the descendants of Enrico Grassi.

DAMIANI products

With many years of experience in creating unsurpassed jewelry, the masters of the company in each of its products try to combine the classic traditions of the brand with modern trends. Incredibly beautiful jewelry is being created that features gold, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and pearls in the most beautiful shapes, thus attracting the attention of true connoisseurs of beauty and art.

Nowadays DAMIANI jewelry can be divided in four large groups, each of them has several collections, distinguished by originality and uniqueness. So, to join the ranks of lucky owners of luxury from DAMIANI, you can buy:

  • jewelry of elite style;
  • wedding rings;
  • Premium watches.

Each and every one of these pieces of jewelry is worthy of praise and becomes a true symbol of its owner's high status.

DAMIANI and the stars

Like many companies associated with the exclusive production of goods, from the 80s of the twentieth century, DAMIANI began to actively cooperate with the world's stars. Choosing every few years the "face" of the company, managers of Damiani organize magnificent sessions and shows, which at different times were attended by real stars of world value. In order to grasp the magnitude of these events, world-famous stars such as Brad Pitt, Sophia Loren, Nastassja Kinski, Sharon Stone, Isabella Rossellini, Mila Jovovich, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow have taken part in them.

Take advantage of the chance to join this true constellation of stars by owning one of DAMIANI's most beautiful jewelry pieces.