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From time immemorial, jewelry has been very popular among the wealthy. Even in the first states of the world, there were master jewelers capable of making true masterpieces. With the development of metal processing their art also evolved - many and many generations of craftsmen have passed their experience from generation to generation, achieving great success in their business.

Fope brand today

Fope has been around for almost a century. It was founded back in 1929 in the Italian town of Vicenza in northern Italy. At first it consisted of a small workshop, which employed about 20 people under the leadership of its owner Umberto Cazzola.

Fope today is a classic example of a successful family business. The fourth generation of the Cazzola family leads the company to new heights.

Over a hundred years, Fope has grown from a workshop to a dynamic company with hundreds of branches around the world. The company has extensive connections to Germany, Great Britain and the United States. More recently, the Russian market is being targeted. Fope is gradually becoming a globally recognized brand.

The executive director is Diego Nardin.

Fope products

The basic concept of the brand is respect for its customers, attention to the environment and respect for the traditions of the Caszola family. This, together with the entrepreneurial spirit, has been driving the company forward for decades. Fope products are known for their sophistication and refinement.

From the very beginning the employees and management of the company implemented the most advanced technologies to develop jewelry products. Immediately after the Second World War was the technology to create a flexible metal band, allowing to create metal straps. It was an absolute innovation for Italy, which put the company in the forefront of domestic jewelry production.

One of Fope's main lines - Flex'it - was a unique technology that was used to create stretchable bracelets and rings. This function of the jewelry was achieved through the presence of tiny gold springs that connected the links. This innovation made putting on jewelry much easier and the wearer was not inconvenienced by it.

Fope awards and prizes

An indisputable success for the company was its entry into the international market in the early 2000s. This was due to the efforts of the fourth-generation owner, Julia Cazzola. Especially strong ties were established with the United Kingdom, and in 2017 Fope was awarded "Beautiful Brand of the Year" in the British magazine Professional Jeweller. The British appreciated Fope's products, as evidenced by the steady growth in the percentage of the company's total sales in the UK.

In addition, an important success should be considered its entry into the stock market in 2016.

There are many examples of the creation of powerful companies from scratch, the development of which occurs with the participation of one dynasty, passing the family business from generation to generation. Fope is a dynamically developing company that aims to attract not only Italian, but also foreign consumers. And it succeeds quite well.