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Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant Brand

The Frederique Constant brand first emerged in 1904 in Switzerland. Founders Constant Stas and Frederique Schreiner specialized in the production of classic wristwatches, but the business was not profitable and activities were postponed indefinitely.

Later, in 1988, under the leadership of the heirs (married couple Pierre and Aletta Bax), the firm changed direction: the main task of the spouses was to produce beautiful, but affordable mechanical watches.

From that moment the success story began. Watches are now assembled in the commune of Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland. Read more about the history and formation of the company here.

Frederique Constant products

For over 20 years, Frederique Constant Watches has produced not only mechanical but also quartz watches. The principle of the brand is a combination of price and quality. The lines of watches come in a variety of models at different price points, with each model being unique and practical.

All children of the brand possess fundamental advantages of Swiss watches: ergonomics, wearability, attractive and stylish design. Most models are equipped with functions:

  • winder;
  • power reserve (from 42 to 36 hours);
  • battery charge up to 7 days (for electronic modules);
  • display of hours, minutes, seconds, date;
  • reflection of activity and sleep phases (smart variants);
  • GMT;
  • mechanical analysis and indication of battery charge (smart watches);
  • water resistance.

Tints of dials are presented in a variety of palettes: blue, silver, nacre.

A variety of materials are used in the production. For exquisite versions, more expensive framing is used: steel, rose gold, alligator leather, diamonds.

The company's highlight is the Heart Beat watch collection created in 1994. The original design in the form of a window with an overview of the working mechanism of the very heart of the watch.

The brand takes an active part in supporting retro-races (since 2004), paying tribute to this event, the company creates Vintage Rally limited editions every year. Mechanical counters are complemented by miniature models of retro cars enclosed in a case.

In 2010, the firm released a limited edition watch dedicated to composer Frederic Chopin. The watch has the date of birth of the musician, the dial plate is decorated with the image of piano keys. The case of the series is made in the form of Chopin's favorite musical instrument.

Virtually all Frederique Constant models have invisible markings, clearly visible under ultraviolet light, and engraved branding. All this is aimed at combating replicas and the ability to distinguish the original from the fake.

From the sale of each watch brand part of the money goes to the charity foundation "Children's Heart". The company also took part in a charity fundraiser for Duchenne muscular dystrophy research, putting up for sale a family watch (for 4 family members).

Awards, nominations

Frederique Constant Brand In 2016, the company was awarded the Industry 4.0 prize, for its innovative development of the Horological Smart Watch model, it is a hybrid mechanical and smart watch.

Frederique Constant was awarded the Centurion Design Award for Best Men's and Women's Watch two years in a row. Today the brand is recognized and loved in many different circles. The creators have achieved their main goal: to create a composition of ideal Swiss watches at a democratic price.