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The history of the Gucci label, known to all as the best glamorous brand, is both amazing and complex.

The Gucci brand today

The founder of the world-famous brand, Gucci Gucci, began his march into the fashion world twice. The first time in 1904, as a maker of horse harnesses, but without success. The second time after 18 years, in 1922, he designed clothing for jockeys and leather bags, gloves and accessories with equestrian motifs. Guccio Gucci's main idea was to target affluent citizens and create high quality bags and suitcases, able to emphasize the high status of their owner.

Later, his sons Aldo and Rodolfo joined his father's activity. Aldo invested a lot of energy in the development of his father's business: he designed the corporate logo and began to develop the company's activity outside Italy, creating boutiques and factories in the USA and Europe.

After his death, the Gucci brand was mired in a vortex of family squabbles and court cases. The case came to the point that everyone received a license to manufacture products, now the Gucci logo could flaunt on clothing made in China and India, which are not distinguished by their quality. The company was on the road to collapse. Only in 1994, the development of the brand was taken up by Tom Ford, appointed creative director. Since then the brand began to harmonize with the concept of class - luxury.

Today the main headquarters of the company are located in large cities around the world: Florence, New York, Paris and London. The president of the company is Robert Polet.

Gucci products

The main conception of all the brand`s products is targeting luxury, glamour and elegance connoisseurs. Children of the famous Italian Gucci brand are created for men, women and children and offered a wide range of products, amazing with their originality, beauty and design solutions. With all its gloss and richness, the clothes are maximum comfortable and functional, which deservedly makes this brand world-famous and in demand, despite the cost.

The world-renowned house specializes in creating fashionable, high-quality products, among which:

  • clothes and shoes;
  • fur products;
  • leather and accessories;
  • perfume;
  • cosmetics;
  • textiles;
  • furniture, various interior items;
  • jewelry and costume jewelry;
  • wristwatches;
  • pet accessories.

Uniqueness of the brand

One of the brand's chips can be considered the involvement of the fashion house's designers in the design of the car's interior. For the first time this happened in 1972, the saloon has a characteristic shade of the label in a green-red palette.

Many products of the famous brand are completed with a detail in the form of a horse's stirrup - a kind of tribute to the past. Horsebit is found on perfume bottles, handbags and shoes clasps.

The undoubted trademark of Gucci is the use of bamboo for the production of handbags' handles, sunglasses' frames and shoes' details.

The Diamante material invented in 1930 as a leather substitute is still very popular and has become a trademark symbol of the brand.

The floral image Flora, first created for the Princess of Monaco, was loved by many and now adorns accessories and dresses.


In 1998, the Guinness Book of World Records listed Gucci jeans as the most expensive in the world with a value of around 3,200 dollars. The brand's eau de toilette was awarded the "Perfume Oscar" for best design and best exclusive women's fragrance.

In 2018, Gucci was awarded Best Brand of the Year.

Now the company is experiencing an unprecedented rise, the brand is recognized around the world and is considered a benchmark of luxury, style and taste, giving direction to many fashion trends.