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Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni is one of the youngest among the many famous jewelry houses with a century-old history.

History of Pasquale Bruni brand

In 1976, a young and ambitious jeweler Pasquale Bruni decided to open his own workshop, Gioielmoda, with a team of five other skillful jewelers.

This brand grew rapidly, creating interesting jewelry, and even took its niche in the world of jewelry.

But Bruno decided to move on and already in 1997 he separated from Gioielmoda and created his own jewelry brand, giving it his name - Pasquale Bruni. Thus was born a family jewellery business, later headed by Pasquale's children, daughter Eugenia and son Daniel.

Today the company has over 350 stores worldwide and keeps growing.

Uniqueness of products

All Pasquale Bruni brand articles are made in the traditions of Italian jewelry, however, they are enhanced with modern methods of cutting stones and processing precious metals. To create jewelry only high quality precious metals and precious and semiprecious stones are used.

However, the most important and valuable zest of all products is a celebration of a woman's beauty and grace. Through the company's jewelry, creative director Eugenia Bruni strives to express the tenderness and uniqueness of a woman's nature and her connection to nature.

Pasquale Bruni collections

During its short history the brand showed to the world a lot of different collections, the subjects of which were the flora, fauna and even the architecture of our world.

Among the most famous collections are:

  • Floreal
  • Sissi
  • Bon Ton
  • Mandala
  • Amore
  • Sensual Touch
  • Look At Me
  • Make Love
  • Madame Eiffel
  • and others.

Each collection is interesting as it is not only a decoration but also a work of art capable of conveying a certain aesthetic and emotional message of the author.

Read more about the history and collections of the Pasquale Bruni brand in our article.

Awards and prizes

Pasquale Bruni has won several prizes and awards, and is recognized worldwide as one of the top fashion jewelry houses.

For example, at the 2017 Couture show in Las Vegas, Pasquale Bruni won first place in the "Best in Haute Couture" category. The brand won in this category with a necklace with a large emerald, cut in the shape of a drop and studded with white diamonds.

Many celebrities fell in love with the brand's jewelry. Amal Clooney, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Mila Jovovich have already bought products by Pasquale Bruni.