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The history of the Zenith brand is a whole history of the world of watches, their transformation, development and slow transformation from antique pocket watches to ultra-modern wrist models.

Zenith today

The emergence of the brand is associated with the name Georges Favre-Jacot. A young man of only 22 years old, in 1865, organizes a small business of manufacturing watch movements and pocket watches. The main idea at the time was to create affordable, but durable and functional counters.

In those years, most watch movements were made entirely by hand, and Georges decided to bring a little novelty. He launched production with an emphasis on automated assembly. Ten years later, most of the inhabitants, a small town, worked at Zenith.

Zenith products

The Zenith watchmaking empire, with a history of 150 years, never stopped following the founder's fundamental idea, creating each product with maximum precision and functionality.

Over the decades, the company has invented and developed innovative movements that have won worldwide recognition.

Products are represented by a wide range of men's and women's watches, there are exclusive models of expensive materials, as well as budget versions. However, the quality is always on top, regardless of the price.

Since the brand's inception, the range has grown, adding new chronographs, mechanisms, and the latest inventions.

Today the company produces:

  • pocket watches;
  • wrist watches;
  • navigation devices for airplanes and hydroplanes.

Nowadays the activity of the cult brand continues on the territory of Switzerland in the place called Le Locle. The company is headed by Julien Tornard, who is also the general director of the brand.

The amazing accuracy and stylish design of Zenith watches were liked by people, and appreciated by representatives of special professions: pilots, military men and motorcyclists. With a focus on the needs of a professional watchmaker in a perpetually moving profession, Zenith created a line of professional counters that boasted a massive crown. This allowed the watch to be wound while wearing gloves.

In 1989, the company developed the first watch with a luminous dial backlit by radium.

The real zest of the brand is El Primero's movement, which is accurate to 1/10th of a second.

In 1909 the company was one of the first to create a wristwatch that was a pocket watch with a strap that could be attached to the wrist. This invention was patented.

Zenith awards, prizes

The company has won around 2,500 awards and more than 250 patented inventions. The company has regularly won awards for the "accuracy" of its watch movements, starting in 1903, reaching 2,300, a fact considered a historical record.

The most distinguished awards:

  • The movement created in 1948, named Calibre 135, wins many prizes over the years, reaching a total of 235 awards;
  • In 2011 the Academy Christophe Colombian's brainchild Équation du Temps receives the top prize among the timepieces on display: it is awarded the title of "Watch with the Most Complex Function";
  • In 2012, the aviation model of the watch wins the top prize in Geneva for the "small hand";
  • During 2013-2014, the Zenith brand only wins top awards in the "sports watch" category at the Geneva shows;
  • In 2017, the company won the Grand Prix in the "Innovation" category for its cutting-edge watch movements.

The Zenith brand has been around for a century, with watchmakers and engineers each time creating new products that amaze consumers with their ergonomics and precision. These watches have the highest mark of Swiss quality.

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