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Buben & Zorweg Grande Infinity Safe Burlwood

Buben & Zorweg Grande Infinity Safe Burlwood

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Locking Mechanism
  • Swiss made Kaba security lock and mechanical key
  • Safety class VdS I (German security certification)
  • Redundant locking system with 7-digit keypad and emergency key
  • Safe door in finest Italian nappa leather, black
  • Safe interior in finest velour, black
Signature clock
  • BUBEN & ZORWEG Manufacture movement Caliber “Alpha 01 – Pendulum World Time”
    • World time indicator with seconds pendulum
    • 31 day power reserve
    • Dead-beat Graham escapement with hardened steel pallets
    • Constant power main wheel with remote
    • Polished gold-plated wheels with hardened steel pinions
    • Weight drive (3,000 g) with a ball-bearing deflection roller
    • 6 high precision ball bearings with 6 rubies
    • 5 Column precision-milled rhodanised plates made of hard brass
    • Carbon fiber pendulum rod with extremely low heat expansion coefficient
    • Fine regulating pendulum bob system
    • Rhodanised sunray brushed dial
    • 500 hours BUBEN&ZORWEG “Excellence Control”
  • Black semi-gloss finish with polished precious burlwoods.
  • Interior in finest soft velour & Italian Nappa leather.
  • State of the art LED lighting system with fade technology.
  • Polished stainless steel hardware with height adjustable feet.
Power Source
  • AC power adapter
Winding Operation
  • Programmable via built-in control panel
  • 650-800-900 turns per day
  • Adjustable directions (clockwise/counter-clockwise)
  • Speed Mode - continuous winding
  • Sleep Phase - 10hrs per day


  • 24 watch winders total
    • 10 behind each door
    • 4 in lower safe with 4 storage shelves

Watch Holder

  • Cradle (Spring loaded push button)

Max. Dia. Of Watch (including Crown)

  • Up to 57mm


  • 1940 X 620 X 360 mm
  • 250 kg
  • 5 year Factory Warranty
Additional Features
  • Remote contolled slide and hide swing doors
  • State-of-the-art LED lighting system with fade function
  • Optional add-ons include
    • Alarm System
    • GPS tracking system
  • Alarm system: 1.600 euro;
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